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Products » Raymarine » Raymarine Multifunction Navigation

Raymarine E80
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Raymarine E80

Part #: E02011
In Stock: YES
Condition: NEW
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Weight: 20lbs
Price: $2699.00
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Raymarine E80

Product Number: E02011

High Performance Multifunction Navigation Display with an 8.4" Ultra Bright Sunlight Viewable Color Display.

Multifunction Navigation

Our most powerful multifunction displays, Raymarine E-Series delivers chartplotter, fishfinder, radar, and video in an easy to use networked navigation system. Featuring ultra bright displays, a customizable navigation interface, and super-fast networking, E-Series sets the new standard for integrated marine electronics.
  • Raymarine's most powerful multifunction displays.

  • Simply connect the appropriate sensor to transform the E-Series display into a full function chartplotter, digital fishfinder, radar or on board video system.

  • Ultra Bright Sunlight Viewable Color Display.

    Powerful Graphics
    A built in graphics coprocessor delivers maximum display performance and brilliant video.

    Ultra Bright Color
    Prismatic light enhancing display technology combined with high-bright backlighting provides crisp. ultra bright color even in tropical sunlight.

    Create custom navigation pages arranged in either full screen or multiple window combinations.
SeaTalk hs Networking
  • Super fast 100 Megabit networking.

  • Connect up to 8 SeaTalk hs devices with simple plug and play interfacing.

    Instantly transfer radar, chartplotter, fishfinder, and navigation functions between E-Series displays with SeaTalk hs.

  • Network E-Series displays in dual or multi display combinations

  • Simple setup, SeaTalk hs is plug and play

  • 100 Megabit data transfer speed

  • Full data transfer and control

  • No IP protocols or IT professional required

  • Raymarine SeaTalk hs high speed switch enables connection of up to 8 devices on the network

    Configuring Your E-Series System with SeaTalk hs

    Configuring your E-Series system is a simple as determining which features you'd like to have (chart, radar, sonar, video) and where you would like to see them. The powerful SeaTalk hs network supports up to 7 E-Series displays plus the DSM300 sounder module (or 8 displays without a DSM300.)

    Configuring a Basic E-Series System

    The most basic E-series system consists of an E80 or E120 display, and a DSM300. Using a SeaTalk hs Crossover coupler, we can quickly and easily connect them together. Because the components are all auto sensing, there is no complicated setup required. Simply plug them in. If you're not using a DSM300, you can link any 2 E-Series displays with the crossover coupler too.

    Configuring a Multistation E-Series System

    In a multistation E-Series, we are connecting any 3 to 8 SeaTalk hs devices together using the SeaTalk hs Network Switch. Again, the auto sensing SeaTalk hs components make setup a breeze ...simply plug them in. SeaTalk hs does the rest.
Video Integration

E-Series offers the most flexible combination of video input and output connections to allow you to see your information where you want, when you want it.
  • Display remote video sources from CCTV cameras, entertainment systems, and more.

  • Export navigation video to video displays or remote monitors.

  • Use the optional 15" Remote Station Kit to see and control your E-Series from anywhere on board.

    E-Series' VGA output allows you to view your data on big screen TV's, PC monitors, or Raymarine's rugged M1500 marine monitor. Connect up to 4 video inputs for monitoring onboard cameras or viewing onboard entertainment.

  • Choose between 4 composite or 2 S-Video inputs

  • Supports full screen or video in a window

  • The video window can be set to automatically cycle through each video input at custom intervals.

  • Video input possibilities: Underwater and docking cameras, engine room monitoring, night vision systems, DVD, game consoles and satellite TV.
Instrument Integration
  • Network with SeaTalk, SeaTalk2, SeaTalk HS, NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000 instruments.

  • Display data from NMEA 2000 compatible engine systems.

    Keep track of engine performance with E-Series virtual engine instruments. Using NMEA 2000* protocol, E-Series displays can network with many electronic engine instrument systems.

  • Data includes tachometer, voltage, oil pressure, fuel level, fuel consumption, and coolant temperature.

  • Support for both single and dual engines.

  • Choose from 5 engine data display combinations.

    About NMEA 2000 Engine Instruments

    E-Series displays will network with electronic engine instrumentation that supports the NMEA 2000 protocol for engine data. Many leading engine manufacturers are currently developing NMEA 2000 compatible engines systems. Once an engine is certified NMEA 2000 compatible, a simple plug and play connection to an E-Series display enables the display to repeat engine data.

    About E-Series and NMEA 2000

    Raymarine supports the continued adoption of the NMEA 2000 protocol. We we are proud to be one of the first manufacturers to produce NMEA 2000 certified electronics with the release of ST290 instruments in 2002. E-Series displays are NMEA 2000 certified, ensuring future compatibility with NMEA 2000 electronic engine systems.

    E-Series displays support Raymarine SeaTalk and SeaTalk 2 protocols for seamless integration with Raymarine's instruments and autopilot systems.

    SeaTalk, SeaTalk 2, NMEA 0183, and NMEA 2000 support.

    Using the page and window controls, instrument data can be repeated in either full screen or within a window.
E-Series Chartplotter

Information rich Navionics vector cartography combined with satellite differential GPS.

Simply add a Raystar GPS sensor and Navionics Platinum Chart Cartridge to your E-Series display and you have the ultimate electronic charting system. E-Series chartplotter features include:
  • Head Up/North Up/Course Up chart display

  • Relative, True Motion and Autozoom

  • Screen offset for a maximum "look ahead" view

  • Internal Storage for 1250 waypoints with 16-character names

  • 125 routes with 50 waypoints per route

  • 10 track memories with 1000 points/per track

  • Unlimited external waypoint, route, and track storage on economical CompactFlash memory cards

  • SmartRoute™ converts recorded tracks into waypoints organized in a route.

Alarms: Arrival, Cross Track Error, Anchor, Lost Fix, Countdown timer, Alarm Clock, Grounding, Off Track, Vessel Tracking Alarms (MARPA)

Auto Range Mode: Auto range mode intelligently maintains your vessel and your waypoint on the best chart scale while underway.

Chart Object Information Ports: Information, Tides and Currents, Spot Soundings, Depth Contours, Nav Marks, Light Symbols, Caution and Routing Data, Marine and Land Features.

Chart Rotation: Head Up/North Up/Course Up

DSC VHF: Interface Accepts and displays NMEA 0183 VHF DSC position or distress reports

MOB: Alarm Man Over Board button

Motion Modes: Relative, True and Auto Range Modes

Multiple Chart Windows: View the same chart on different range scales

Radar Overlay: Real time radar images superimposed on the navigation display. Requires connection of Pathfinder radar antenna

An optional Pathfinder Smart Heading Sensor or NMEA 0183 compatible compass is required for Radar/Chart Overlay operation

Routes: 125 Routes with 50 waypoints per route. 16 character route names.

Screen Offset: Offsets vessel position on screen to allow you to see maximum distance ahead while in relative motion mode

Smart Route: Retraces tracks and converts tracks into waypoints organized in a route

Sunrise/Sunset predictions: Navionics Gold chart required

Tide and Current predictions: Graphical display (Navionics Gold chart required)

Track Logging: Save up to 10 tracks with 1000 points per track.

Waypoint entry options: Latitude Longitude, Bearing and Range, Loran TD’s. Twist n’ click rotary control™ for fast alphanumeric text entry.

Waypoint Storage: 1250 waypoints with 16-character name. Unlimited waypoint, route and track storage using optional compact flash cards

Waypoint transfer options via SeaTalk , NMEA, and from Compact Flash cards

Digital Fishfinder

Patented digital sonar technology for precise targeting of fish and bottom structure.

Experience Raymarine's patented HD Digital Fishfinder technology by adding the DSM300 Digital Sonar Module to your E-Series system. With SeaTalk HS networking, high definition digital fishfinding is available on every display on the network. E-Series digital fishfinder features include:
  • Auto adaptive digital transmitter/receiver

  • Color enhanced high resolution display

  • Dual frequency 200/50 Khz operation

  • A-scope real time sonar display

  • Bottom lock mode

  • 2X, 4X, 6X zoom magnification

  • Maximum depth of 5000 ft. (1700 meters)**

Alarms: MOB, Depth, Fish, Temperature

A-Scope Display: Displays Sonar Returns in real time

Bottom Coverage Display: Shows the diameter of the transducer beam where it meets the bottom.

Bottom Lock: Displays echoes directly above the bottom.

Max. Transmit Rate: 1580 pulses / min. @ 50’ range

Maximum Depth: 5000 Ft (1700 meters)

Actual depth performance may vary due to water, seabed and vessel characteristics

Pulse Length: 100 µsec to 4 msec

Range markers: Easily see how far the boat is from a target on the echo sounder screen

Target Detection: Sonar fish echo with target depth readout

Transmitter Power: 1000 or 600 Watts RMS

High Performance Transducer Required for 1Kw output. The DSM300 automatically adjusts output power for 600 watt and 1Kw transducers

Transmitter Receiver Type: Patented DSM300 HDFI Auto Adaptive transmitter/receiver with digital filter

Zoom: 2,3,4x and user programmable Zoom scales


Raymarine radar technology delivers unmatched performance and ease-of-use - choose from a wide selection of high performance Radome and Open Array scanners.

Navigate with confidence and safety in fog, rain, and darkness with E-Series radar. Simply choose the Raymarine radome or open array that best meets your need, plug it in and you're done! E-Series radar features include:
  • Auto GST™ automatic control of gain, sea clutter and tune

  • Radar waypoint navigation and multiple waypoint overlay

  • 1/8th to 72 nautical mile maximum range (Performance limited by scanner type and position)

  • Head Up, Course Up and North Up orientation

  • Relative or True motion modes

Bearing Accuracy: +/– 1°

Bearing Scale: 360° graduated at 10° intervals

Electronic Bearing Lines: 2 (EBLS) Electronic Bearing Lines

Guard Zone Alarm: 2 guard zones, selectable sensitivity level, audible alarm

Magnetic Sensor: Input NMEA or SeaTalk

MARPA: (Mini Automatic Radar Plotting Aid) Track up to 10 vessels on radar display

Pathfinder Smart Heading Sensor Fluxgate Compass recommended for best MARPA performance.

Minimum Range: 23 m (25 yds)

Presentation Modes: Head up, Course up or North up (selectable True or Magnetic) Relative or True Motion

Range Ring Accuracy: Better than +/– 1.5% of the max. range scale in use,or 22 m (72 ft.), whichever is the greatest.

Range Scales: (Range Rings) 0.125 (0.0625), 0.25 (0.125), 0.5 (0.125), 0.75 (0.25), 1.5 (0.25),3 (0.5), 6 (1), 12 (2), 24 (4) nautical miles.

Scanner Control: Interference rejection, standby/transmit modes, pulse selection, Tune, Rain, FTC, and Sea controls, with selection of manual or automatic control of gain, sea clutter and tune (Auto GST™)

Screen Offset: 1/3 or 2/3 of the display

Target Expansion: Operator selectable (0.5 nm to 3 nm ranges only)

Timed Transmit: (Power Save Mode) Rotation periods: 10, 20 or 30 scans. Repetition periods: 3, 5, 10 or 15 minutes

Variable Range Markers: 2 VRMs display in nm, sm, km

Wakes Function: Displays echo wakes in short, medium, long, sizes and can be turned on and off

Waypoint Navigation: Waypoint symbol, WPT range, bearing, TTG or lat/lon readout. Multiple waypoint overlay

  • Data Display Capabilities: Chartplotter, Fishfinder, Radar, External Video (x4), CDI(Course Deviation Indicator), and customizable Data Bar display

  • Dimensions: 11.14”X 8.27”X 5.27” (283 x 210 x 133mm)

  • Display: (LCD) size 8.4"

  • Display colors: 256

  • Display resolution: 640 x 480 pixels (VGA)

  • Display type: Ultra Bright Sunlight viewable color TFT LCD

  • Interfaces: 1 NMEA 0183 input, 1 NMEA 0183 output, Raymarine SeaTalk, Raymarine SeaTalk2/ NMEA 2000 Port*, SeaTalk hs network, Pathfinder Radar Input, video input, VGA video output

    *NMEA 2000 certification pending

  • Mounting Methods: Bracket or console

    Mounting hardware included

  • Operating temperature: 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)

  • Power consumption: 20 Watts

  • Voltage range: 10.7–32 volts (12/24v nominal)

  • Waterproofing: CFR46 standard

  • Weight: 9.2lbs (4.18kg)

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